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AmCham Macau Elects New Board of Governors


Macau, China, June 11, 2011 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Macau (AmCham Macau) held its Annual General Meeting earlier this week to elect a new Board of Governors for a new term running from 2011-2013, and to approve the 2010 financial statements of the Chamber.  The meeting was well-attended by 40 members. 
The Board of Governors for the 2011-2013 term comprises the following individuals: 

Chairman: Paul Tse  

Vice Chairs: Robert McBain / Kim H. Johnson / Reggie Martin

Treasurer: Gregory Ku

Corporate Secretary: Alan Chan

Governors: Grant Bowie, Andy Chan, Charles M. Choy, Jay Dee Clayton, João Manuel Costa Antunes, John Ho, Jonathan J. Schiff, Jose Tang and Edward Tracy  

Supervisory Committee: 
Chairman – Filipe Cunha Santos  
Committee Members – Glenn Shive, Stephen J. Marcopoto

The Chamber also approved the appointment of Mr. Robert McBain to the newly created position of President of the Chamber, and the appointment of Mr. Charles Choy as Chairman Emeritus. Mr. Choy was presented with a trophy in recognition of his tremendous contributions to the Chamber. 

At the meeting, AmCham Macau’s calendar of events was reviewed and upcoming activities were introduced including AmCham’s Independence Day Poolside BBQ Celebration, to be held at Grand Lapa Hotel on the 4th of July, and the AmCham Macau Annual Ball, which will take place in early December.  During the first quarter of the year, AmCham has actively participated as an exhibitor at the “2011 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition” (“2011 MIECF”) and also worked with the U.S. Consulate General to host a welcome luncheon to the largest U.S. Senate Delegation, led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, upon their historical visit to Macau.


Shimin Daily [dated June 11, 2011]:


新屆成員(2011-2013)名單如下:主席:謝思訓;副主席:麥文彬、Kim H. Johnson 、馬偉奇;庫務長:古嘉豪;法人秘書長:陳偉麟;監事會:主席:山度士,成員:Glenn Shive、Stephen J. Marcopoto;理事:安棟樑、蔡明威、鄧君明、陳海燊、何耀明、利展霆、簡博賢、愛德華.卓思及石聖偉。


TaiChung Daily [dated June 13, 2011]: 




主席:謝思訓;副主席:麥文彬、約翰遜(Kim H. Johnson)、馬偉奇;庫務長:古嘉豪;法人秘書長:陳偉麟;監事會主席:山度士;監事會成員:史爾菲(Glenn Shive)、馬可寶(Stephen J. Marcopoto);理事:安棟樑、蔡明威、鄧君明、陳海燊、何耀明、利展霆、簡博賢、愛德華·卓思及石聖偉。