“Building on the Momentum: Post-Pandemic Recovery and Beyond”, was presented by the Rui Cunha Foundation and MBtv Debates on Wednesday, July 5th.

The end of the epidemic has led to changes across the Macau health system, economic modernization and diversification and regional integration have become the focus. The keynote speakers of this panel include representatives from the Macau-based International Chambers of Commerce to share their views on future development.

Photos by Cheong Kam Ka. Retrieved July 6, 2023 from https://www.macaubusiness.com/

“Charles Choy emphasized that Hengqin is a necessary part of Macau. People will have to see Macau and Hengqin together for the future and the next generation.”

Expert panel members invited to participate in the discussion include: Charles Choy, Chairman, American Chamber of Commerce in Macau; Billy Chan, Chairman, Australian Chamber of Commerce in Macau; Keith Buckley, Chairman, British Chamber of Commerce in Macao; Rutger Verschuren, Chairman, France Macau Chamber of Commerce; Rui Pedro Cunha, President, Macau European Chamber of Commerce (via Zoom); and Carlos Cid Álvares, President, Portugal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Macau Delegation.