AmCham Macau has 12 specialized committees, which serve as a link for members to collaborate on important business issues and address pertinent information of interest. 

AmCham Ball Committee
Chair: Robert McBain
Co-Chair: Reggie Martin

Deputy Chair: Filipe Cunha Santos

Membership by invitation only The AmCham Ball Committee organizes and executes the gala event of the year in Macau. The allure and prestige of this event caters to members and the community as an excellent venue to both entertain clients and make further business contacts within Macau and the region. The committee is responsible for organizing the entertainment, venue, reservations and ticketing as well as the sponsorship and promotion of the ball.

Communication, Marketing and PR Committee
Chair: Kim H. Johnson

Combining three vastly different sectors into one, the Marketing Communication & PR committee will be a conduit for an exchange of ideas and forum for discussion on the latest media challenges for advertising, event management, and effective channels and strategies for promotion and exposure.

Environment and Health Committee
Chair: Charles M. Choy

The Environment Committee aims to explore related issues in health and food safety as well as other environmental concerns such as recycling and water conservation. Expert opinion and research will be the focus of its goals toward raising public awareness and improving the quality of life in Macau.

Government Relations Committee
Chair: Paul Tse
Co-Chair: Charles M. Choy

By invitation only, the Government Relations Committee meets periodically to represent the AmCham’s interest on various matters affecting business activities in Macau.

Human Resources Committee
Chair: Alan Chan

The HR committee explores all areas and issues of organizational development in Macau. From recruiting to retention, the committee aims to gather leaders in industry to examine practices and guidelines in the labour market as well as professional development strategies for business productivity.

Inter-Chamber Relations Committee
Chair: Jose Tang

The Chamber Relations Committee helps for forge relations with other international chambers in Macau.

Real Estate and Infrastructure Committee
Chair: Gregory Ku
Deputy Chair: Jonathan J. Schiff

The Real Estate committee endeavors to share current market information and industry trends in this dynamic sector of Macau. Issues such as regulations on land ownership and use as well infrastructure initiatives will involve leading developers and industry aficionados in seminars, site tours and forums.

Telecommunications Committee
Chair: Filipe Cunha Santos

The availability and reliability of telecommunication services are becoming imperative.  The Telecommunications Committee brings together the chief executives from major telecommunications companies, information technology and network service providers with collaborative advice and expertise, as well as robust reviews and recommendations.

Membership Committee
Chair: Alan Chan

The Membership Committee will develop a Membership Policy which will be compliant with the AmCham’s standards set out in the Bylaws on membership, including admission, expulsion, and other issues related to membership as unforeseen that may arise on a case by case basis. 

The Committee will be responsible for ensuring the integrity of all elections, including calling for Board of Directors election, administering the vote, and counting the votes.  The Committee is tasked with proposing amendments to the current membership covenants.  The Committee is also responsible for administering the new member nomination process.

SME Committee
Chair: Gary Chung

The Committee was established to enhance SME performances.  It endeavors to improve SMEs’ competitive edge through their proven capacity to innovate and specialized technological skills, and to work to the leading American and international quality assurance requirements.

Sports Committee
Chair: John Ho

The Sports Committee plans and stages the Chamber’s annual golf tournament.  This golf event provides members, friends, and business chambers in Macau the opportunity to enjoy an incredible afternoon of fun, relaxation and networking.  It is also an opportunity for our generous sponsors to show their patronage of our programs.